Crown Gold

The demand for gold and silver will rise in the coming years, as central banks globally print greater amounts of money and decrease the value of their currencies. 

This demand will bring new buyers to the market, who seek to protect their wealth from inflation and instability in other financial markets.

Sophisticated buyers demand a trusted advisor to help them purchase, store and insure their precious metals. 

They will want to keep their transactions discrete and private, as they would expect from other major financial transactions. 

They will want help to integrate their precious metals into their overall financial plan.

Crown Gold

Comprehensive solutions for purchasing, managing, storing, leveraging and selling gold and other precious metals.


Crown Financial Services has a long track record of providing high levels of services to high net worth individuals, family offices and wealth funds.  Now we can extend that to precious metal procurement and storage.


We are committed to keeping our clients transactions discrete and private.  Your precious metals purchases will only be known within our company, and are not disclosed to our vaults or dealers.


We help our clients leverage their precious metals as part of their broader financial plan.  We provide competitive lending secured by the clients’ precious metal holdings. 

We help our clients use their precious metals in transactions. 

We are expanding our capabilities to include precious metal options and futures capabilities.

Are you ready to protect your wealth from inflation?
Do you want to benefit from the growing demand in precious metals?