Crown Financial Services

ManukaRx is New Zealand owned business producing ManukaRx® based on New Zealand Manuka oil.

APIMatic is a developer experience platform for web APIs.

In New Zealand, CyberCom is the foremost supplier of Internet and WiFi solutions to the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. Globally, CyberCom supplies thousands of business with the ground-breaking electronic marketing solutions.

MarsBio spans synthetic biology, therapeutics, material science, agriculture, and consumer goods.

Sheertex - The World’s Toughest Sheer Knit. Sheertex has spent the last 24 months month re-inventing pantyhose from the ground up to create the world’s strongest pair of sheers. Named on of Time Magazines 50 Best Inventions of 2018.

Syndex is New Zealand’s first online exchange for proportionally-owned assets — a marketplace for individuals who invest directly in alternative investments held in proportional ownership structures.

Real Vision is a financial media sharing their thoughts about what’s happening in today’s markets.

Minicircle is pioneering development of the world's most advanced human genetic enhancement platform — capable of delivering long-lasting, reversible expression of intercellular proteins without altering your pre-existing genome.