Crown Financial Services

Private Equity



Creating Exponential Capital for You

Creating and growing capital for our clients is at the core of CFS. We began as a mid-market focused investment bank operating throughout the Asia Pacific region and have grown to include clients in 28 countries around the world. Our clients include high net worth individuals, family trusts and corporations.

CFS provides our clients with capital management, transactional execution and a full scope of investment banking and financial advisory services. Our Services include:

• Mergers, Acquisitions, Takeovers and Restructuring
• Company Divestments & Disposals
• Capital Structure Analysis
• Capital Management
• Balance Sheet Restructuring
• Equity & Debt Raising
• Stock Exchange Listings
• Comprehensive Wealth Management and Asset Protection

In 2016, we introduced Crown Private Limited, a private fund which provides banking, investment and other financial services to individuals and family trust with sizable assets. Through CPL, we also offer the Seraph Global Investment Syndicate, a private global network of investors. Scroll down to learn more about CPL and Seraph.



Bespoke investment opportunities, teaming maverick investors with exponential companies

Those of high net worth require significant expertise to manage their assets. We created Crown Private Limited (CPL) for that very reason, specifically to grow and maintain the wealth of high net worth individuals, family offices and trusts. We deploy the full range of CFS resources to our clients to provide bespoke investment solutions. In 2015, the Seraph Global Investment Syndicate was amalgamated into Crown Private, combining the resources of a private bank with a world class group of investors.
 CPL Private Banking a significant step further. Seraph is an exclusive and private global network of investors dedicated to growing their wealth by investing in a diversified portfolio of global opportunities. An exclusive group of individuals, we are united by our love of discovery – adventure and capitalism.

Our members hail from more than 15 countries. All are leaders and pioneers in their fields. Seraph members include doctors, attorneys, hedge fund managers, venture capitalists, real estate moguls and wine makers.  While diverse in makeup, our members are bound together by freedom of thought and a deep desire to connect with other like-minded individuals who share our values.

As Adventure Capitalists, we meet up around the world to explore developed, emerging and frontier markets. Since the founding of Seraph in 2012, members have met up in more than 20 countries. Our organized gatherings include presentations from global and regional specialists, carefully vetted investment opportunities and unparalleled networking. Deep friendships have formed in some of the most unique places on the planet.

The team at CPL have crafted a bespoke investment portfolio that ranges from carefully vetted early stage growth companies to ICOs to high growth funds.

Please visit the Seraph website to learn more and to apply for membership in this exclusive syndicate.