James Evenson

Chief Operating Officer &
Partner at Crown Private Limited

James’ expertise includes M&A, restructuring, strategic management and orchestrating leveraged growth. His successes range from start-ups to billion dollar companies. His sector expertise includes mining, energy, global supply chain and automotive. His greatest strengths are in emerging and frontier markets.

After restructuring and acquiring companies for the AES Corporation in several countries, James went on to develop multiple privately held companies as principal, partner, investor and advisor. He has also donated his expertise to turnaround a variety of not for profit enterprises.

James earned a Master of Arts at the University of British Columbia’s Regent College, and a Bachelor of Science from Portland State University. He holds an Honorary Doctorate from the Kazakh American Free University (KAFU), which he helped create during the early 1990s. He currently serves as Executive Vice President and Adjunct Professor of Strategic Management at KAFU.

Working around the world for the past 29 years has given James great insight and competence in many settings. In grad school, he was known as the guy who could parachute out of a plane above any country and find his way to success. While he has yet to jump out of a plane, he has been fortunate to call multiple countries home, and he thrives in many others.

When things go wrong, James is the person you want on speed dial. He turns chaos into beauty, solves deep and complex problems, and makes things work when no one else can. He relies on deep intuition, thorough investigation, analysis and synthesis, and not giving up. He is equally driven by the values of integrity, trust, risk taking and fun.