Pay Online – Terms & Conditions

Pay Online

These terms and conditions apply to the ‘Pay Online’ service offered by Crown Financial Services Limited (CFS).

CFS cannot reverse any online payment once the purchase has been submitted for processing, so make sure you double check all the information you are entering including the amount of the payment before submitting your payment.

CFS will not be liable to any person for any loss caused or resulting from your payment.

The CFS Privacy Policy will apply to any information CFS collects about you. CFS will ensure that information about you is held securely and will not disclose any information about you to any other person (except for the purpose described here or as authorised by you or when required or authorised by law).

To the extent permitted by law, CFS will not be liable for any loss caused or resulting from your use of the internet to send personal or financial information.
This purchase/payment is subject to CFS Crown Money Terms and Conditions and User Agreements.